ETL Testing

ETL Testing Online Training Course Content
Data Warehousing concepts:
--> DBMS and RDBMS
--> What is Data Warehousing and necessity of it?
--> Data warehousing architecture
--> Data mining
--> Meta data
--> Tables, views
--> Constraints
--> Fact and Dimensional Tables
--> Partitioning of tables
--> Concepts of Referential Integrity
--> Concepts of Modelling
--> Database Schema
--> Concepts of normalization
--> Concepts of Slowly Changing Dimensions
--> Concepts of Data Mart
--> Full and Incremental extraction Process
--> Change Data capture
SQL Concepts:
--> DDL, DML commands
--> All the basic functions (Character Functions, Conversion Functions, Advanced
functions, Mathematical Functions and Date Functions)
--> Joins
--> Practice SQLs for some sample test scenarios
ETL testing:
--> What is ETL and importance of ETL testing??
--> Creating, running and analysing sessions/workflows in Informatica
--> Preparation of Test strategy, Test plan and estimations
--> Testing scenarios, creation of test cases and scripts
--> Test case execution and defect tracking and reportingReport Testing:
--> Validation of the report data with DB and UI testing
--> Preparation of Test data
Levels of testing
--> Unit testing
--> Integration testing
--> Module testing
--> System testing
--> Uat