Product Orientation

  • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
  • Oracle’s Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
  • FDM
  • Processing Data Through FDM

Navigating FDM

  • Accessing FDM
  • Setting the POV
  • Locking Out Users for Maintenance
  • Running Reports
  • Viewing Graphical Timelines

Creating FDM Applications

  • About FDM Applications
  • Creating Applications
  • Modifying, Removing, and Adding Applications

Integrating Applications

  • About Integration
  • Working with Adapters
  • Adding Machine Profiles
  • Verifying Application Settings
  • Updating Integration Settings
  • Testing Integrations
  • Importing Standard Reports and Templates

Setting Up Control Tables and Locations

  • Viewing Control Tables
  • Modifying Control Tables
  • Viewing Locations
  • Adding Locations
  • Setting Location Attributes
  • Searching Control Trees

Setting Up Mapping Tables

  • Mapping Dimension Members
  • Building Maps
  • Map Types
  • Processing Order
  • Building Maps Externally
  • Copying Maps
  • Sharing Dimension Maps
  • Setting Up Conditional Mapping

Building Import Formats

  • About Import Formats
  • Creating Import Groups
  • Building Import Formats
  • Assigning Import Formats
  • Adding Import Expressions

Loading Data

  • About Loading Data
  • Selecting Data Files
  • Importing Data Files
  • Working with Records
  • Validating Dimension Mappings
  • Loading Data to Target Systems
  • Drilling into Data
  • Drilling Back from Target Applications

Building Validation Rules

  • About Validation Rules and Reports
  • Creating Validation Groups
  • Creating Validation Rules
  • Creating Validation Rules in Validation Editor
  • Assigning Validation Rules to Locations
  • Checking Validation Rules

Setting Up Validation Entities

  • About Validation Entities
  • Creating Validation Entity Groups
  • Creating Validation Entities
  • Assigning Validation Entity Groups to Locations
  • Verifying Consolidations

Processing Batch Files

  • About Batch Loader
  • Setting Up Batch Load Files
  • Processing Batches
  • Creating Batch Scripts
  • Scheduling Batch Files in Task Manager

Creating Logic Accounts

  • About Logic Accounts
  • Creating Logic Groups
  • Creating Simple Logic Accounts
  • Creating Complex Logic Accounts

Loading FDM Journals

  • About FDM Journals
  • Creating Journal Templates
  • Adding Metadata Tags
  • Loading Journal Templates

Loading Data with Multiload Files

  • About Multiload Files
  • Creating Multiload Excel Templates
  • Creating Multiload Text Files
  • Loading Multiload Files
  • Viewing Data Load Errors

Setting Up Security

  • About FDM Security
  • Security Levels
  • Setting Up Object Security
  • Setting Up User Security
  • Migrating Users to Shared Services
  • Locking and Unlocking the Point of View Mode
  • Setting Up Report Groups Security

Working with Financial Controls

  • About Financial Controls
  • Creating Control Groups, Sections, and Questions
  • Deleting and Restoring Groups, Sections, and Questions
  • Assigning Reviewer, Submitter, and Proxy Rights
  • Accessing Financial Controls
  • Adding Memos and Attaching Documentation
  • Reviewing and Submitting Questions
  • Selecting Application Settings for Financial Controls

Working with Import Scripts

  • About Scripting in FDM
  • Scripting Components
  • Creating Import Scripts
  • Assigning Import Scripts to Import Formats
  • Applying Scripting Functions to Import Scripts
  • Storing and Assigning Temporary Variables
  • Assigning Custom Web Scripts to Menu Items

Working with Import Integration Scripts

  • About Import Integration Scripts
  • Creating Import Integration Scripts
  • Assigning Import Integration Scripts to Import Formats

Working with Event Scripts

  • About Event Scripts
  • Creating Event Scripts
  • Changing Import Formats Dynamically
  • Changing Other Location Attributes Dynamically