Informatica Course Outline 
 Introduction and Architecture 
Introduction to Informatica 
Architecture of Informatica — Power Center 8.1 
Informatica Design Process 
Informatica Client Tool — Designer 
Source Analyzer and Warehouse Designer
Mapping Designer 
Create a Simple Mapping 
Overview of Transformations 
Types of Transformations — Active and Passive 
Expression Transformation 
Source Qualifier Transformation 
Introduction to Workflow Manager 
Control Flow Statements 
Task Developer 
Workflow Designer 
Creating Connections
Flat Files Handling 
Create Simple Mappings 
Flat File Analysis
Architecture Review 
Architecture 8.1 Review 
Differences between Power Mart and Power Center 
Connecting to SAP 
FTP Process 
Command Task 
Create a Mapping 
Joiner Transformation
Create a Mapping 
Using Join in a Source Qualifier Transformation Expression Transformation 
Filter Transformation
Transformations Contd 
Multiple Targets Loading 
Router Transformation 
Diff between Filter and Router Transformations 
Create a Mapping 
Master Outer Join
Transformations Contd 
Create a Mapping 
Reusable Transformation 
Lookup Transformation 
Handling Multiple Files as Source
Create Mappings 
Sequence Generator Transformation 
Multiple Pipelines in a Single Mapping 
Target Load Plan 
Update Strategy 
SCD Type 1 mapping Implementation 
Update Strategy Transformation
SCD Type 2 
SCD Type 2 mapping Implementation
Loading Strategy 
Sequential and Parallel Loading 
Union Transformation 
Dynamic Lookup Cache 
Introduction to Fact Loading 
Create a Mapping
Transformations Contd 
Create a Mapping 
Date Dimension Loading 
Lookup Transformation – Persistent Cache 
Aggregator Transformation 
Sorter Transformation 
Creating Stored Procedure
Transformations Contd 
Normalizer Transformation 
Stored Procedure Transformation 
Active Vs Passive Transformations 
Connected Vs Unconnected Transformations
Implementing Incremental Loading 
Create a Mapping 
Importance of Mapping Variable
Implementing Incremental Aggregation 
Create a Mapping 
Incremental Aggregation
Transaction and Variable Port 
Transaction Control Transformation 
Variable Ports
Workflow Tasks 
Task Link Properties 
Event Raise Task 
Event Wait Task 
Work let
Parameter Files 
Removing Duplicate Rows