Course Introduction
•  Understand the course goals
•  Understand the course objectives
•  Become familiar with the course outline
2  Virtual Infrastructure Overview
•  Describe server virtualization concepts
•  Identify vSphere components, including vCenter Server, ESXi, and the vSphere Client
•  View and describe virtual network and storage components
•  Learn to use the vSphere Client management interface
3  Creating Virtual Machines
•  Describe virtual machine virtual hardware components
•  Create and use templates to deploy virtual machines
•  Describe the functionality and benefits of installing VMware Tools on virtual machines
•  Automate guest operating system customization
4  Allocating Compute Resources to Business Functions
•  Describe CPU and memory resource management techniques used in ESXi
•  Use virtual machine resource controls to allocate CPU and memory resources
•  Use resources pools to hierarchically allocate CPU and memory resources 
5  Migrating Virtual Machines
•  Describe the operation and benefits of vMotion and Storage vMotion 
•  Use vMotion to migrate a live virtual machine
•  Use Storage vMotion to migrate a live virtual machine’s data
6  Balancing Virtual Machine Workloads
•  Describe the operation and scalability benefits of vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
•  Configure a DRS cluster and resource pools
•  Describe the operation and scalability benefits of Storage DRS
•  Configure a Storage DRS cluster 
•  Describe the operation and cost benefits of vSphere Distributed Power Management
7  Monitoring the Virtual Datacenter
•  Describe vCenter Server monitoring capabilities, including performance graphs and alarms
•  Use performance graphs to monitor ESXi hosts 
•  Configure ESXi host and virtual machine alarms
8  High Availability and Fault Tolerance
•  Describe the operation and availability benefits of vSphere High Availability
•  Configure a vSphere HA cluster
•  Describe the operation and availability benefits of  VMware Fault Tolerance
•  Configure a virtual machine for fault tolerance
9  Extending VMware vSphere Capabilities
•  Discuss how different VMware products and features work together to reduce the costs and improve the efficiency, availability, flexibility, and manageability of your datacenter