Course Content

  1. HTML5 Overview
  2. Scoping the range of HTML5 features
  3. An ideal future: common HTML everywhere
  4. Current and imminently-available support for HTML
  5. New Elements in HTML5
  6. Introducing the new tags
  7. Approaches to writing HTML5 code
  8. The Canvas
  9. Positioning content with the Canvas
  10. Drawing with Javascript
  11. Understanding Co-ordinates
  12. Controlling layout, visibility and state with Canvas tags
  13. Storing Data on the Client
  14. Persistent client-side data storage
  15. Session management
  16. Security Issues
  17. Updated Tags in HMTL5
  18. Tags and attributes which still work as before
  19. Modified behaviour of some tags
  20. Forms
  21. Input Types: Email, URL, Number, Range and Date fields
  22. Datalist, Keygen and Output fields
  23. Other Form Elements and Attributes: AutoComplete and Form Override
  24. Media