J2EE course content

Core Java
1. OOPS concepts – Inheritance, Interfaces, Classes, Objects, Polymorphism,
Function Overloading, Overriding, Access specifiers
2. Introduction to Java
3. Control Structures, data types, casting
4. Essential Java classes on basic input/output, collections framework
5. Concurrency control (Threads), Networking
6. Serialization
7. java.util package: jar, zip, logging, regular expressions
8. JDBC: java.sql package (statement, prepared statement, resultsets, scrollable
resultsets) datasources, connection pooling
1. Introduction to JSP: Request-Response architecture, Implicit objects
2. Introduction to Servlets, life cycle of Servlets
3. Servlet Listeners
4. Servlet Filters
5. Introduction to web servers
6. Deployment of JSP, Servlets
7. Custom Tags
8. Essentials of Java Script
1. MVC Architecture: Action Controller, Action Classes, and Form beans
2. Essential Taglibs to be used in JSP pages (bean, html, logic, nested)
3. Dispatch Action, Dyna Forms
4. Internationalization
5. Validation Framework
6. Tiles Framework
1. Session Beans
2. Entity Beans : CMP and BMP
3. Introduction to Hibernate technology
4. Introduction to application servers
5. Deployment of EJBs