Course Content of Sun Solaris
1. Introducing the Solaris™ 10 OS Directory Hierarchy
2. Managing Local Disk Devices
3. Managing Solaris OS ufs File Systems
4. Performing Mounts and Unmounts
5. Solaris™ 10 Operating System Installation Requirements
6. Performing Solaris10 OS Package Administration
7. Managing Software Patches on the Solaris 10 OS
8. Using Boot PROM Commands
9. Using the GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB)
10. Performing Boot and Shutdown Procedures
11. Performing User Administration
12. Introducing System Security
13. Configuring and Using Printer Services
14. Controlling System Processes
15. Performing File System Backups
16. Performing File System Restores
17. Backing Up a Mounted File System With a UFS Snapshot
1. Describing Interface Configuration
2. Describing the Client-Server Model
3. Introducing Sun Connection Services
4. Managing Swap Configuration
5. Managing Crash Dumps and Core Files
6. Configuring NFS
7. Configuring AutoFS
8. Describing RAID and the Solaris™ Volume Manager Software
9. Configuring Solaris Volume Manager Software
10. Configuring Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
11. Configuring System Messaging
12. Using Name Services
13. Configuring Name Service Clients
14. Configuring the Network Information Service (NIS)
15. Introduction to Zones

16. Introduction to the ZFS File System