Siebel Epharma marketing

Course Topics
What is Siebel ePharma Marketing?
Features and Integration
Messaging Channels
Solution Components
Industry Challenges
Marketing Challenges
Production Challenges
Competitive Challenges
Inadequate Tools
Siebel ePharma Marketing Solutions
Marketing Process Best Practices
Know Your Customers
Execute Flawlessly
React to Market Opportunities
Measure Effectiveness
Identify Customers
Develop Physician Relationships
Screens and Views
Home Page
Visual Segmentation
Program Wizard
Program Flow
Marketing Analytics
Architecture and Configuration
Customer Repository
Application Server Engine
Siebel ePharma Marketing Data Flow
Supported Platforms
Implementation Planning
Identify Business Requirements
Identify Data Requirements
Configure the Data Flow
Administrative Tasks
Map the Data Source
Define Measures
Define Attributes
Business Process Best Practices
Campaign Management
Application Integration
Business Case Scenario
Business Objectives
Results Achieved
Product Demonstration
Business Goals and Benefits
Increase Revenue
Reduce Costs
Improve Customer Satisfaction