Database Testing Course Content
  • What to test, when to test and How to test database Application
  • How the Database Testing Environment.
  • What is DBMS and RDBMS.
  • What is OLTP Schema, OLTP Static data (Test Data, Master Data) in Database.
  • Roles & Responsibilities in Database Testing.
  • What are the Database Testing Methodologies
  • What is Block box and White box testing in Database.
  • How Application interact with DB.
  • What is SQL in database.
  • What are the Database objects in database testing

·         Tables.
·         Views.
·         Sequences.
·         Synonyms.
·         Keys (Integrity constraints).
·         Indexes.
·         Clusters.

  • Implementation of Joins.
  • Good Examples with Nested queries and Co-related queries (i.e.Subqueries).
  • What is Data migration testing or Data Conversion testing in Database
  • What is Data distribution testing  in database
  • What is PL/SQL and How to test below blocks.
    • Stored procedure
    • Functions
    • Database  Triggers

·         Cursors                

  • Tools in Database Testing Like TOAD 8.5 etc.
  • Database Design document and ER diagrams(i.e. .References Documents)
  • Preparation of Test cases for Database Testing.

      19. Execute Database Test cases and Report the Defects.
      20 Interview queries (Simple and Complex queries)
      21 What are ACID and CRUD Transaction in database.
      22. Risk, Dependencies and Impact in Database Testing.