QA Mobile Testing
  • Content of the Course 

    1. Introduction to Mobile Software development lifecycle.
      1. (a) Introduction to mobile platforms – Mobile Java, Symbian
      2. (b) Introduction to Device fragmentation
      3. (c) Porting technologies and techniques
    1. Software testing basics
      1. (a) Static testing
      2. (b) Dynamic testing
      3. (c) Requirement testing
      4. (d) Regression Testing


    1. A Typical Mobile testing life cycle
      1. (a) Test Case creation
      2. (b) Pre testing
      3. (c) Foundation testing
      4. (d) Regression testing
      5. (e) Localization testing
    1. Introduction to testing documentation and reporting 
    2. A case study and live project 
    3. Introduction to Device Anywhere Testing.